Running ogaraK from the command line

OgaraK can be run from the command-line, mainly for batch runs.


OgaraK requires the scripting language Groovy (on top of Java). Version 1.7 is required to run ogaraK, we make available a local version for easy download.

Of course, you will need ogaraK itself.


Put both jars on the class path and do

java malaria.Article . Article.config

The "." specifies that the database of results and output files will be stored in the current directory (this can be changed to any existing directory).

"Article.config" states that the configuration will be read from a that file. If the file does not exist, that is not a problem, as a default configuration will be used. After running ogaraK, a file called "Done.config" will be created with the executed configuration, this can serve as a starting point to design configuration files.

The best way to generate configuration files for batch mode is using the easy to use interface to create one. Configuration files generated by the user interface can be run in batch mode.

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