interPopula requires only Python 2.6. But users might probably want to consider Biopython, matplotlib, NumPy and maybe Genepop. See below for some tips per operating system.

Some support scripts expect to have some of these other tools available.


Download the tar.gz archive or the zip.

Open the archive and see the README file. Installation of the library is trivial (just add to PYTHONPATH).


The above code was tested on Linux and Windows 7. We lack the resources to test in different environments. If you have problems with the code above in other OSs, please do inform us.

Windows tips

While interPopula does not care if you are 32 or 64 bit, some libraries are still 32 bit. So we recommend using 32 bit versions even if you are on 64 bit hardware.

While we recommend here specific versions, interPopula might work with other versions (and we had good experiences with less recent versions).

You will need Python. 2.6.5 works. interPopula is NOT expected to work with Python 3.x.

NumPy is a requirement for matplotlib. 1.5b1 for 2.6 worked well.

Matplotlib 1.0 is our recommended version.

Biopython 1.54 also works.

Genepop is available here.

Linux tips

On recent Debian and Ubuntu machines most standard packages (python 2.6, matplotlib, numpy) will be enough. For Biopython you will probably need to download a newer version. from Biopython's site. If you use Genepop, you will need to get and compile it.

Mac tips

We cannot test on Mac, but standard installations of the above software should work. Our experience with other users points to very similar behaviour as with the Linux version.

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